Computer Programming

Why Computer Programming

As a Parent your question is Why does my child need to learn computer Programming in Elementary and Middle School?

According to - "We will need people who can think like software engineers and network architects, whether they are writing an app or solving resource distribution problems in a third-world setting — or doing both at the same time."


The rational to teach programming to children is to give them the skills to become proactive learners and citizens.

Why Computer Programming

@Young Explorers

Young Explorers has always been at the forefront of technology at its After School.

It offers Lego Classes to all its students and empowers all students with access to laptops to obtain information.

Last year during the Summer Camps we offered Digital evolution camps and this year we offered Computer programming classes which have both been highly successful.

Seeing the interest and success of these camps we are now introducing regular programing classes for children of ages 8 and above.

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