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Technology Camps

Learn to code this Summer

Getting Started: Introduction to Mobile Apps and Devices.



  • Screen layouts

  • Mouse/Keyboards. Communication & Data exchange between mobile device, ears and eyes

  • Screen Resolutions

  • Pixels

  • Color magic - RGB

  • Introduce paint brush

Introduction to Adobe Drawing Suites for kids



  • Introduction to Adobe Drawing Suites for kids

    Adobe Cloud and tools available

    Create Adobe Files

    Create Software Layers and Texts

  • Computer Systems and Cloud Concepts

  • Operating Systems

Concepts of Objects, Events, process and app.



  • Introductions to Objects

  • Properties

  • Events

  • Send/receive invitations

Introduction to HTML



  • Create simple HTML pages

  • Script magic

  • Compile sample scripts

  • HTML and Math Geometry

Games on Mobile Programming



  • Introduces App State management

  • Introduces Data Storage Techniques

  • Location Services

  • Introduce Sensor Frameworks

Mobile App Project.


  • Introduce Ad-hoc and standard App Publishing

  • Create a IOS Project

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